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Monday, September 26, 2016

Here is a great article on how to teach traditional Shakespeare in a nontraditional manner. Courtesy of ASCD Smart/Brief.

How Hip-Hop Can Bring Shakespeare to Life

"You learn Shakespeare by doing Shakespeare," says Michael Kelly, artistic director of Toronto's Shakespeare in Action. Two years ago, Kelly began to incorporate music — specifically hip-hop — into his workshops. "Shakespeare Meets Hip-Hop" became a big success, as students explored the rhythm, poetry and thematic similarities of both forms. UK rapper Akala, who founded The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company in London, says that melding these mediums can help students expand their understanding of and connection to Shakespeare. As he reminds students, these plays were not considered "high art" by Elizabethans, but rather as "a little bit risky, a little bit naughty and dangerous." Learn More
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