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Friday, March 21, 2014

Here is a great opportunity to catch up with the CCSS. Enjoy. Courtesy of ASCD Smart Brief!

Give your teachers the tools they need
to succeed with new standards.

NEW White Paper by Robert J. Marzano and Michael D. Toth
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Join Dr. Robert Marzano and Michael Toth for a first look at the new Marzano Center Essentials for Achieving Rigor

When: Wednesday, March 26, 3 p.m. EST

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Are teachers pedagogically prepared to instruct students in the cognitively complex skills necessary to meet new standards?

Based on nearly 2 million data points analyzed by Learning Sciences Marzano Center, reflecting the strategies teachers are currently using in their classrooms, the majority of teachers are not adequately prepared to make the large instructional shifts necessary for success with college and career readiness standards.

Join us for a webinar with Dr. Robert Marzano and Learning Sciences CEO Michael Toth to discuss our newly released Marzano Center Essentials for Achieving Rigor model. This new model of essential classroom strategies is built to support the complex shifts in teaching needed in an environment where academic rigor is no longer an option, but a requirement for all students.

Many states have already reported significant drops in standardized achievement test scores aligned to new standards. You can help your teachers make the pedagogical shifts they need for success.
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