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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why read-alouds matter more in the age of the Common Core Standards - Courtesy of SmartBrief

This is  a great article and can be applied to students of all ages!

                                                                 Text Structures

                                                                   Text Features 

                                                              Can be taught with read-alouds!
                                                   Don't forget the accompanying think-alouds!

"In addition to getting kids hooked on books, narrative read-alouds are an effortless way to help students acquire the academic language they will need to comprehend informational texts," write ASCD authors William Himmele and Pérsida Himmele. In their ASCD Express article, the Himmeles make the case for carefully chosen read-alouds in a time of Common Core State Standards, emphasizing the crucial role this activity can play in building any student's lexicon "in contexts that are painless and meaningful." Read on.

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