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Monday, July 4, 2011


Foldables  are another way to help students organize their thinking as well as engage them.

While many teachers think of this instructional strategy as geared for the elementary teacher, in truth, it can be used up through high school - see U.S. History.

Foldables work something like graphic organizers - they arrange the information to demonstrate (maximize) the relationship between concepts - something many students find challenging.

Foldables can be made in a variety of ways in order to show a variety of concepts.

If you are interested in learning how to the link I have provided will walk you through the process.

 A number of teachers use flip books to help students organize and prioritize information in content areas - a crucial strategy students need to master in order to comprehend.

This is another format to engage students and provide them with an opportunity to interact (comprehend) key concepts in social studies.

Flip Books can also be used as study guides. 

This format also lends itself to jigsawing or collaborative learning.


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