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Friday, February 4, 2011

Mt. Blue Moves Ahead with the Literacy Initiative!

I have spent the last two days coaching the third cohort of teachers at Mt. Blue High School and - as always - been impressed with the teaching I observed.  After 3 years, literacy is woven into the curriculum. 

      • Economics - Robert C. presented a lesson focusing on predicting and summarizing information dealing with supply and demand.  Students jigsawed based on their interest in answering questions regarding the elements impacting their daily lives and how they make choices to consume products.  Students were highly engaged as they debriefed and discussed their findings.
      • English - Alicia W. assisted students as they prepared for their common assessment.  Students learned to use Cornell notes as they researched information in preparation for writing a persuasive nonfiction paper.  Using the GIST in conjunction with the note taking, the teacher conferenced with students individually focusing on the difference between note taking and summarizing - one that often poses challenges to students. 
      • Foreign Language (Spanish) -  Lisa D. had her Spanish class create digital flash cards* in teams and then debrief with the entire class.  Students selected their vocabulary based on their reading in the Spanish version of The Curse of the Shrunken Head.  Students are highly engaged and moving ahead quickly as they become immersed in the books they are reading!  Language acquisition at its best!

      • English - John L. supported students as they explored resources for their common assessment.  Their task was to choose an event or invention that had changed the world.  Deciding on a topic and whether it is too narrow or too broad is a challenge.  John modeled several examples and then supported students as they collaborated with him on other topics - examining the scope of the topics proposed.  

      •  Science - Therese H. reviewed with students supporting them with the information she has created on her wiki.  After reviewing, Protista, students broke into groups and researched definitions for the key concept assigned to their group.  During the debriefing, the students created a word wall displaying the categories by sorting their key concepts according to characteristics.

        • English - Debbie M. supported students studying Hamlet jigsawed students by assigning each one a character.  Next they created a character map recording the relationship among all of the characters in the play.  Finally, each character wrote a letter to Hamlet, stating their position and asking him questions.  These multiple perspectives assist  students when inferring universal themes.

      •  Special Education - Karen C. introduced a new strategy to her students to focus their thinking on interpreting the book, I am the Messenger.  Guiding the students through REAP, Karen had them identify the main idea, write down observations, ponder the situation, and predict what would come next.  The students became engaged in a discussion during the prediction segment, demonstrating their ability to argue their points of view and support them with the text! 

Kudos to the staff at Mt. Blue High School!  Your students are lucky to have such dedicated teachers:)

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Lisa said...

Wow, this was interesting to see what teachers are doing in the classroom. Parents and the community needs to see this so they get a glimpse of the classroom.