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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Webinars on Common Core for Maine Teachers

On Wednesday, November 3, Lee Anne Larsen, Literacy Specialist, and I
will present a webinar to review material presented during the recent
Common Core State Standards Introduction workshop.  The purpose is to
walk through what is available on our website, review suggestions for
how to approach the CCSS work this year, and share strategies for
getting started with this work - what to do and what not to do!

The webinar begins at 3:00 and will not last more than an hour.  It will
include a time for questions (and answers if they are available).

Nov 3 - Introduction: [

On Wednesday, December 7, we will present a webinar about the contents
of the CCSS bibliographies, resources which should be mined for their
timely information.  This will also begin at 3:00 and will last less
than an hour.

Dec 7 - Bibliographies: [

You do not need to register for these webinars.  Just click on the link
above shortly before the start time.

Thank you.

Patsy Dunton

English Language Arts Specialist

Midcoast Regional Representative

Maine Department of Education

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