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Monday, August 16, 2010

Advancing Students - Some Questions Raised by a National Study

In this country we are presently faced with a dilemma.  We are eager to have our students prepared to compete at the college level, but more and more students are coming in with low basic skills.  Recently, the Hechinger Report,  a national study, raised some important questions we need to address - especially with reduced school budgets.

The main question they pose deals with their key findings:

"But with high expectations come stumbling blocks. One important lesson that early-college programs have learned is that some students who are short on basic skills or maturity simply aren’t ready for college courses."

This report thoroughly and objectively looks at our practices and examines what best prepares students for success in college.  I strongly urge all teachers to take a look at this - especially high school and middle school - and think about how it effects your students.

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