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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vocabulary - UGH! - 100 Most Commonly Used SAT Words!

As the SAT results come rolling in, many teachers and staffs are reviewing them and thinking about how they will be helping students improve for next year.  Here are some suggestions that might help.

1.  Focus on the 100 most common SAT words.  Here are three sites that are free and provide the information you need.  Consider dividing the list among teachers and grade levels.

100 Most Common SAT Words  by Your Dictionary. com provides a list of the words as well as their definitions.

Surfing the Net With Kids  has a series of vocabulary games (at the bottom of the page) for kids to practice the SAT words and definitions.

Quizlet  provides games, flashcards, and a list with definitions.

2.  Consider using other sources that complement the above information.  Kids love these sites!  The information they present is often required on the SAT.  Sharing this verbally will be helpful for kids. Modeling the thinking strategies that accompany the information is crucial.

Other sources that work with vocabulary are:


This site provides a web of related words using a color code.  Students are often asked to use synonyms and antonyms on the SAT and in vocabulary work in general.

Foreign language terms can also be submitted - great for Spanish, French, classes.

 This site webs words, with a focus on parts of speech and  derivations of the original word - another strategy sometimes required on the SAT and in vocabulary work in general.

3.  Begin your students - as a part of your class - on the free Maine SAT prep course.  It is beneficial and given over time can become a part of your class.  You will find a number of resources on this page that should help your students.

In order to participate in this, your tech person needs to register your school and get passwords for you and your students.  The earlier you do this the better.  It is not intended to be a cram session for your students.

Good luck!
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