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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TogetheRead home - A Great Site for Teachers

Teacher's First provided a link to the following site.  

It is a great site for summer reading, but could be used all year long.

It is has monthly topics and postings with ideas for family reading.  This month's topic is technology.

It addresses all levels of readers - providing a resource for differentiated reading levels on the same theme.

Many CIPS schools are encouraged to take time to create  home-school literacy activities in order to provide home support for students.

I thought this might be a good resource for those of you interested in:
  1. encouraging parents and kids to read together. 
  2. differentiating reading levels around common themes.

TogetheReadTip of the month:
After you read each day, ask each person in the family to draw a 30 second sketch that reminds them of what they read that day. Stick figures or very simple drawings are just fine! Then ask each person to explain his/her drawing to the rest of the family. Keep the drawings to form little booklets of "remembrance drawings" for each book you have read.
This month's TogetheRead: Technology On and Off
It is impossible to ignore technology in our daily lives, from cell phones, to laptops, to AED’s, to digital photographs. Enjoy the people and animals of today’s technological world as they enjoy -- and also do battle -- with the inventions of our digital age.

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