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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Reading to Maintain and Accelerate Readers!

Following is a great way to help students select an appropriate list of books for the summer!  This might be a great end of the year project.  

Matching students' lexiles with books for selected summer reading will help your students maintain and/or accelerate their reading levels.

This is appropriate for all age levels - although the photos displayed on this ad only include young children.

Good luck.

"Find a Book" — The  simplest way to help a child select 
great books to read this summer!
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May 26, 2010    
As children await summer break, make sure they start their vacation with a list of great books to read.
The "Find a Book" search is the quickest and easiest way to help young readers select books that will pique their interests and help them build literacy skills while away from school. Studies show that students who read books at their Lexile® level and on the topics they choose can achieve similar reading growth as students who attend summer school.
"Find a Book" was made for summer reading
"Find a Book" is the perfect complement to your summer reading plans. You can use the free online book search to help children build their own reading lists or to supplement a booklist from your school district or public library. Plus, with built-in links to WorldCat and Barnes &, you can check a book's availability at your local public library or buy it directly online.
"Find a Book"Five simple steps. One custom reading list.
1. Go to
2. Enter/estimate the child's Lexile range
3. Choose the child's interests
4. View/refine the search results
5. Print the child's custom reading list

Whether a child is looking to explore the farthest galaxies, or his or her own backyard treasures, "
Find a Book" will help you build a personal reading list on the subjects that matter most to the child.
For more information on using Lexile measures to support summer reading—and to create custom booklists with "Find a Book"—visit
Click here to download and distribute the "Find a Book" flyer (PDF, 400KB).
Please note: A Lexile measure is a measure of text complexity. It does not address the subject matter or quality of the text, age-appropriateness of the content, or the reader's interests. The Lexile measure is a good starting point in picking a book. Educators and parents should always preview books.
MetaMetrics President talks about Summer Reading on Oklahoma TV Show
MetaMetrics President and co-founder Malbert Smith discusses the importance of summer reading on this month's episode of 2010 Results: Oklahoma's Education Report Card with Superintendent Garrett.
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