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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome Our Newest Member - Gladys Russell

Livermore Falls High School's Literacy Team is live and well -- and expanding.  Gladys, a science teacher, has joined our ranks.  She spent the day with us on February 3, 2010, visiting classrooms.  Gladys, like most content area high school teachers, is dealing with the disconnect between the reading level of content area texts and her students' reading levels.  She has tried to bridge this gap by creating study guides for her students to use in lieu of textbooks. This take her many extra hours.

She is a devoted, pro-student teacher who works hard to meet her students needs.  Ever a problem solver, she has been teaming with Alissa Lee, one of our original literacy team members.  Sharing with each other, Gladys has taken on a number of literacy strategies in order to help her students comprehend their subject matter.

During the day, Gladys began to create a blog using the resources offered on MARVEL. 

We looked at the information contained in the Britannica online.  Here are a few things teachers might want to think about. 
  • When creating a blog with varying reading levels, it is helpful to check out your students' lexile level and then match it to the levels for the Britannica - nonfiction. 
  • The Britannica is divided into elementary, middle, and high school.
  • Try to create a direct link to the selection in your navigation bar.  This will take the student directly to the selected site and will avoid issues about high, medim, and low reading levels.
  • Please note, at the elementary level, MARVAL now reads the text to the student - head sets are available on Macs - while yellow highlighter tracks the words.  This is very powerful for our students who have reading challenges.
  • You will find an abundance of visual materials - pictures, videos, etc. - for free.  This is crucial for many of the concepts students are required to become familiar with according to the Maine learning results.
  • MARVAL also provides a correlation between the material in the Britannica and the Maine Learning Results on line, allowing teachers to align content with grade appropriate expectations here in Maine.
  • Quality teaching materials are also provided.
We are all looking forward to taking a peak at Gladys' blog.
Way to go and welcome aboard:)
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