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Monday, January 4, 2010

Pulling It ALL Together!

During the months of January and February, participants in EDU 590 and 591 will be implementing literacy strategies in their classrooms and monitoring student growth.  We have spent the first part of the year exploring literacy strategies,  Now is the time to refine practice.

Following is information and guidelines that will prove helpful.  This is adapted from America's Choice Literacy Navigator series based on research.  The theory and practices following are aligned with the Maine Learning Results.

"Current research suggests that in order to comprehend a text, the reader needs to be able to do two things simultaneously: 1) link the ideas expressed via words, phrases, and clauses into a coherent whole and 2) pull from long-term memory relevant background information to flesh out the ideas (Kintsch 1998, 1988, 1974). "

The following graphic demonstrates the Construction-Integration Model of Comprehension.

Instructional Strategies:

As you review this graphic, I suggest you think about what part of the model you are helping your students build.

Are you efforts balanced?

Are you responding to a need you have seen in your students?

Are your efforts improving student comprehension?

I will be posting to this blog during the next two months.  Please take a few minutes and tune in to see what has been added.
Thanks, Darlene

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    D.Bassett said...

    I invite all of you to comment on the strategies you are using in both categories. Darlene