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Monday, December 14, 2009

Therese and Her Science Class

 On December 10, 2009, Matt and I visited Therese's science class.  The students would be working on five kingdoms.  Therese had outlined a project that would help her students organize and comprehend the infomration in their texts.  Like most classes, these students were challenged by the dense concepts, organization, and higher reading level of the science textbook.  Therese supplements the text with information and scaffolds the students' use of the text in a variety of ways - i.e. scavenger hunts, study guides, etc.  Today, she decided to use an anticipation guide to outline the steps of the project and the rubric that would be used to evaluate their work.  Her goal was to set a purpose for teading - understanding the connections  between the big ideas and the supporting information in this unit.  She reviewed the anticipation guide with her students and then they began.  Therese circulated around the room helping individual students as needed.  Students shared their responses as a group and asked clarifying questions.  Therese asked them to rate this process and they decided it helped.
Matt commented on: 
1.  the high level of student engagement
2.  the success of the guide demonstrated by student response
3.  the skillful use of  frontloading and think alouds by Therese
4.  the quality of the questions
5.  the effective conclusion of the lesson
6.  the use of technology - inspiration for mapping - as outlined in the project (a great tool for mapping connections among ideas)

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