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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Melissa - Art Class, Jay H.S.

On Tuesday, December 15, Melissa was working with her class on the cumulative art project on their last unit.  Melissa had assigned students a project that combined all of the basic art terms they had studied: Composition, Elements, and Principles.

 They were given the first part of the period to work on their projects as a warm up or front-loading for the assessment that would be given at the end of the class.  Melissa gave them the following concept sort for an assessment.

Finally, Melissa gave them a written assignment for evaluating their final project.  Notice she asks for rationale and meta-cognitive reflection.  Similar to writing, visual art requires the artist to be aware of their audience and their audiences' reaction.

Stay tuned.  Melissa will be sharing a reflection with us soon on the universal strategies shared by art and literacy.

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