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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meadow - English Class

On Monday, Sam and I visited Meadow's English class.  She had decided to use her question game format and adjust it for revision conferencing.  Her focus was on having her students: 1.) use reader response to formulate questions for writers struggling with specific pieces and 2.) engaging writers in revision through developing audience awareness.  Meadow required her students to select a piece of writing they were finding difficulty writing.  They were to read their pieces to their group and then to share their struggles with them.  Next the listeners in the group were to write three questions based on their responses and the reflection of the author.  Finally, they were to report out to the author.   Meadow got the students started and then circulated among the groups, providing support where needed.

Meadow tried this format for the first time with us sitting in the room.  Bravo, Meadow.

Sam commented on:
1.  the clear concise introduction of the lesson
2.  the steps outlined for the exercise
3.  the focus of this lesson for this particular group
4.  the high level of conversation during the conferencing
5.  the clarifying comments made to assist students
6.  Meadow's ability to access higher level thinking with this group

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