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Monday, December 14, 2009

Jim - History Class

On December 10, Hattie and I visited Jim's history class.  Jim has a student teacher and they have been planning a unit on the Constitution. Jim is an excellent mentor. Students were going to read the Constitution.  Jim had set the stage for this by providing them with a context - the connections to Europe - as well as a study guide written by his student teacher.  After reviewing the first part of the guide, Jim had them use the GIST to summarize and categorize various sections - familiarizing them with the text structure as well.  Students broke into groups and collaborated. 
Hattie commented on:
1.  the high level of student engagement
2.  the personal connections students made
3.  the students' sense of trust and safety, allowing them to risk being wrong
4.  the higher level thinking strategies students were using
5.  Jim's individualized support of students
6.  Jim's positive feedback for all responses
7.  Jim's clarifying comments and questions

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