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Monday, November 16, 2009

Reflection on the Literacy Fair at Mt. Blue

Priscilla C., a high school teacher with 44 years of classroom experience shared this comment with us as she reflected on Mt. Blue's Literacy Fair at the end of October.


The Literacy Team's presentation at last week's Early Release was impressive.  The Early Release activity provided me with useful tools to implement NOW in my classes.  It was nice to be made aware that the activities are similar to what I am currently doing but known by a new title.

All participating members were so eager help and share.  Hattie really impressed me!  I liked her strategy with the pebbles!!!!   I have already begun walking around my neighborhood collecting pebble and I recently purchased various jars of paint.   Dan's tools can easily be adapted to my subject area.  Jo showed me how I could link her creation to my Accounting 1 class.  Meadow and Melody extended affirmation on an idea I developed to include literacy in classes.  Thanks friends.   Jake, Jim and Dave Ronald were so willing to share developed forms with me.

The entire afternoon proved to me that you really can teach an old dog new tricks!
Please convey my thanks and appreciation to each team member.  I look forward to more sharing regarding Literacy.  This day was wonderful.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Priscilla!  

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