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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sam D., Mt. Blue High school, November 16, 2009

I spent the day at Mt. Blue High School, coaching teachers in year two. As always, it was a treat.

I started the morning by visiting Sam D., a geography teacher. He was working with a ninth grade A.P. class.  They were working on the concept of poverty in the U.S. 
Sam began the lesson by having students use the frayer model to formulate a definition of poverty.  They were asked to choose their characteristics, examples and nonexamples from the materials they had explored so far: a video, lists of facts, and essays written by each of them.  Sam also suggested they could visit the web if they wanted further information.  Students engaged in this activity easily - having used it before.  After an appropriate amount of time, the students reported out as Sam asked clarifying questions and helped them make connections.

Next students were asked how the government could assist families.  While students brainstormed, Sam recorded responses using inspiration and an LCD.

Finally, Sam passed out a article that coordinated with the theme of government help.  Sam asked the students read the article and then write a GIST.

Throughout the lesson, students were highly engaged and Same kept the class at a good pace.  Students offered eagerly.  Poverty is a complex concept and this lesson helped build groundwork for the rest of the units.  Bravo!

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