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Monday, November 23, 2009

Melody T., English Teacher at Mt. Blue, November 19, 2009

   On Thursday, I visited Melody during her English class.  She was introducing a new unit and was frontloading the during this lesson in order to assure her students had a common understanding of the concept they would be looking at.  Maureen, her 591 coach was also present.
   Melody began by asking students to write in their journals whatever they knew or thought about civilization.  Next, they were to pick the most important word in their writing and place it on a note card to pass into the teacher.  She displayed these terms at the front of the room and asked students to explain why these were the most important (YEAH! meta-cognition). Melody clarified concepts by asking questions, helping students make personal connections, and cleaning up misunderstandings.
   Finally, Melody moved them into the frayer model format.  This was an excellent choice, as it clarified any misconceptions left.
   This will lead to the students reading Lord of the Flies.  Bravo!


Jim B said...

I like this as an introduction-initial exercise to the reading-------Just how now will you tie it in with Lord of the Flies? Hmmm, I could do the word thing as an intro to a historical period, etc.

kristel said...

I am thinking about the topic of "civilization" and I think this is a GREAT topic to tie into Lord of the Flies, but I am wondering how the students were able to tackle the concept. Were their perceptions general and global, or could they draw their conversations to the more specific and local/personal level? I am anxious to talk with you about this. I like using pre-writing as a method to begin a book, too.