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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Melissa A., Art Teacher at Jay H.S., November 18, 2009

On Wednesday I ended my day with a visit to Melissa, a art teacher at Jay.  Melissa is an enthusiastic participant in our literacy initiative and has found many links.  Today, she decided to have her students work on textures.  She was helping students make the link between textures they feel and textures represented in drawings, painting, etc. 
Melissa introduced the idea of texture and explained to the students why this lesson was important to their next unit on drawing.  Students felt different textures on the table and described them.  Next, they were asked to find three textures in the room and reproduce them by making rubbing of them on the paper.  Students then took the textures and created collages.  At the end of the lesson, the students debriefed with Melissa and she displayed examples of texture in drawings.  This was an excellent example of frontloading a concept and building a baseline understanding of key vocabulary word.  Bravo!

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Mrs. DeRaps said...

Go Melissa! Hope all is well!