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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Livermore Falls Middle and High School, Special Education

On September 27, 2009 I spent a great day at Livermore Falls Middle School, with the special education staff from the middle and high school.  As we had planned last year, we spent the day learning how to implement Words Their Way in the their classrooms.  This is one of the best programs available for students.  The program teaches students how to look for and identify patterns.  It also embeds inquiry strategies by having the students formulate questions and actively engage with one another.

A number of schools systems are looking at this program to use for the purpose of RTI.  Published by Celebration Press, the program is based on the original work by Bear, Invernizzi, Johnston, and Templeton, the series has a teacher's guide and student notebook for each developmental stage.  Developed in conjunction with Dr. Bear, the program includes what they call spelling checks that can be used for short term curriculum assessments.

Ted Finn, the principal opened the day with a message to his teachers restating his faith in their ability and commitment to their students.

I will be visiting teachers in their classrooms in October to observe their teaching strategies while working with teachers.

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Jake B. said...

I would think that Sherry's word sorting strategy in her Biology class would be an effective way for students to build a clearer framework to organize and understand the many Biology concepts encounterd in each unit. I'd like to try this strategy next in a physics class.