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Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome Back:)

Teachers have been back to school for weeks and many students started coming this in this week. Here are a few resources you might be able to use throughout the year.

  1. Teachers First this is a free resource for teachers. You can have newsletters mailed to you on a regular basis. The link I have provided you with includes math, social studies, science, and English. This company consists of teachers who have used technology in their classrooms. They review the technology and then write about the implications for the classroom. It is one of the best on the net!
  2. Turning Skeptical Students into Science Achievers is an excellent article written by a teacher regarding motivation - something we are all thinking about this time of year. It deals with middle school students, but can be used for all students. It is published in T.H.E. Journal and is another free resource.
  3. Engagement, written by David Warlick of the Landmark Project has been published on his blog, 2@worth. He challenges educators overuse of the word engagement and its implications for students. David works with teachers at all levels and worldwide. He has several books published regarding technology and today's classroom. This is an excellent resource for teachers. For more information, check out our blog on literacy and technology.
  4. Everything for Educators K-12 is a list of sites on pertinent topics for teachers. It is published by EDUHound. The topics are added monthly and often reflect holidays, etc. Lesson plans can also be found on this site. This is a free resource for teachers that can also be e-mailed to teachers.
  5. The Literacy Initiative will be staring up again in September. Jay High School and Mt. Blue will be involved in year 1 and year 2. Our progress will be archived on this blog. Please join us and share your thoughts and experiences.

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