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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mt. Blue High School and Jay High School Team to Provide Staff Deveopment on Thinking Strategies During Early Release Day, March 11, 2009

The afternoon opened with a presentation by the graduate cohort conducting a long term study on the school's implementation of thinking strategies. Data will be collected using the i-walk method.

The cohort has increased its members since the beginning of the year. Kudos to all of you for your investment in students and learning.

Jay Literacy Team joins the Mt. Blue Literacy Team to provide staff development for the Mt. Blue Staff. Teams of presenters consisted of one member from Jay and one from Mt. Blue. They worked very well together and complimented one another.

Matt Allan, math teacher, and Bill Biliouris, science teacher, make a presentation on use of the Frayer Model in their content areas.

Hattie Deraps, alternative education teacher, Maureen Perkins, English teacher, and Janet Beneditto, reading teacher, make a presentation on the GIST. Different stages of the GIST were presented.

Mike Simoneau, social studies teacher, and Beth Whittle, special education teacher, show teachers how to use concept sorts with technology.

Sam Dunbar, social studies teacher, Stephen Hamilton, social studies teacher, and Linda Evans, career education teacher, work with teachers on how to use the Frayer model in different content areas. An overall list of strategies was also provided and used by the faculty.

Dan Ryder, English teacher, and Bob Fitzgerald, math teacher, help teachers consider how to use the think/pair/share format in their content areas.

The day concluded with department meetings. Each department decided on 2 strategies to embed in their classrooms for the remainder of the year.

Following is the list.

Special Education: Concept Sort and Frayer Model

English: GIST and Concept Sort

Math: Concept Sort and Frayer Model

PE/Health: GIST and Word Wall

Foreign Language: Concept Sort and GIST

Science: Word Wall, but want to try all:)

Business Education: option to select strategies appropriate to topics

Social Studies: Concept Sort and Frayer Model

Adult Education - Frayer, Concept Sort, and GIST

It was a successful day for everyone!! Thanks to all involved!!

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