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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Teaching Key Concepts in Social Studies, a Look in Sam Dunbar's Room

Sam Dunbar is a Social Studies teacher at Mt. Blue High School. He works will all levels of students. Sam believes that teaching key concepts is crucial for understanding the complexities of social studies and relating them to students' real lives.

He has used a variety of formats and finds they all work well. Following are some examples.

Visual Representations: Students create collages to define broad, abstract concepts such as religion. They work in teams employing appropriate conversation - sharing and deepening their understandings of the concept. They then present their collages to the class, explaining their thinking and their collage.

Word Walls: a common word wall for common
terms used in all classes is posted for student
reference in an area accessible to all students. Terms are added as they are studied.

Read the post above to see how Sam deals with some challenges for high school teachers.

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