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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maureen Perkins uses Morazano's work with a Twist

Maureen Perkins, English teacher at Mt. Blue High School, has taken Marzano's work on vocabulary and integrated it with technology. Students use their computers to select font for printing the vocabulary word, definitions from on line resources, and illustrations to represent the word. Students are engaged and love the process.
To get the specifics, you can contact Maureen at:

Maureen also finds other ways to help her students with thinking. She has posted a word wall with the thinking strategies. Words go up on the wall after the students have practiced strategies and are comfortable with them.

Posted by the clock, how can they miss them?

Literature responses starters - both written and oral - are posted in the front of the school for students to use and boost their thinking to higher levels.

Bravo, Maureen. Freshman benefit from this type of support.

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