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Monday, January 26, 2009

Graphic Organizers to Hold Thinking by Dan Ryder

Dan Ryder, English teacher at Mt. Blue High School, has used graphic organizers extensively and has found them successful in aiding the learning of all students.

How does he deal with the paper?

He doesn't he posts them on his blog and students access them as needed.

The format of the following graphic organizer has been changes because I can not download tables in this post. For further information you can contact Dan at:

You Hear Me?
Pre-, During, and Post-Reading Organizer
Anticipation Think-Pair-Share

If you could change anything about your life (the sky is the limit), what might some of those changes be? During ‘Think’ list as many as you can. During ‘Pair,’ write down two or three of your partner’s. And during ‘Share,’ decide on one of your partner’s and one of yours to share with the rest of the class.

Think: Pair : Share:

As you read, identify the change, or changes, the speaker wants. Include a line from the text to prove it. And then discuss what this might tell us about the speaker. On the back, compare and/or contrast yourself to the speaker of this piece in a brief paragraph or two.

Changes the Speaker Wants:

Page # & Quoted Text to Prove It :

What Does This Tell You about The Narrator?

Find two interesting words, then look up their definitions and paraphrase them into your own words, and draw images to represent those words.

Word (Page #):

Definition In Your Words :

Doodle to Help You Remember

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