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Monday, November 10, 2008

Jay High School Uses Marazano's Academic Vocab

Common Terms for Math Students selected from Robert Marazno's Academic Vocabulary by Robert Fitzgerald
 After reviewing the academic vocabulary word list, the Mathematics'
Department at Jay High School decided to select specific common
vocabulary to be used with their students. The first list is
comprised oftwenty-five common words which will be relevant to most
freshmen. This will provide students with a concrete base of common
terminology for their high school years. The Mathematic’s Department
hopes to add five new words to the terminology list in each of the
next three years, establishing a common list of fifty words. The
five words added next year will be targeted for the sophomores. The
Department is confident this will allow for easier transition and
fluency for our students. Later this year, the word list will be
added to the Jay High School Web site allowing for easy access for
students and parents.

List of Terms can be found at:

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